Accessibility & Inclusion

Please note: This is a working document and will be updated over the next few months.  The last update to this page was 9 December 2020.


  • Accessible presentations tip sheet (coming soon!)

  • Unmute yourself and speak one at a time

  • Begin by saying your name 

  • Describe: images, charts and graphs and test

  • Use plain language and explain acronyms

  • Slow down pace so audience can follow and ask questions

  • Creating Accessible and Engaging Presentations (Coming soon!)


  • Use fonts such as: Arial, Calibri, Tahoma, Veranda, Georgia, etc.



  • The below font and other guidance is based on a full-sized, printed poster.

  • Accessible Poster example - (Coming soon!)                  

  • Poster title text should be no smaller than 88pt font

  • Author name text should be no smaller than 72 point font

  • Section headers should be no smaller than 60 point font

  • Body text should be no smaller than 36 point font

  • Create the poster in PPT first and include the accessibility features, then convert to PDF

  • Making Accessible Academic Posters - CEDC's Archived Webinar (Coming soon!)