Guidelines for Session Chairs

The session chairs are responsible for moderating the session. Their responsibility is similar to a regular conference session, and they will be supported by a session host when running the online session. Each session chair is kindly requested to follow these steps:
By clicking on the Agenda webpage, it is possible to browse for the session to be chaired.
The chair logs in to the virtual room 10 min before the session time using a web browser running on a PC. The virtual room can only be reached using the email account used to register to the conference.

Once in the room, the session chair will be given the co-host role by the tech host before the session begins, so that the chair will be able to activate microphone and camera. We kindly ask session chairs to keep their camera on throughout the session for a more interactive experience.

Presenters will also be admitted early to the virtual room. The chair checks with each speaker as to whether the presentation will be made live or using pre-recorded video. Be sure to check that each presenter has their PowerPoint or other material ready if they plan to screen share.

Before the session starts, the chair verifies that all speakers are present. The audience will be admitted one minute before the official start time. The session will begin recording on time and will end on time, no exceptions.

The chair introduces each presenter and their paper at the designated presentation time slot.

When the presentation is finished, the session chair opens the Q&A session and reads any questions made to the presenter in the Q&A Chat with the time left in the session.
At the close of the session, participants are invited to continue to the wonder room section. Any remaining questions can be handled after the session there.